Learning hypnosis is like being on an elevator

Another example might be the elevator. Who hasn’t been in an elevator, kind of watching the numbers go up – which itself is kind of a strange thing if you think about it – just standing there, watching the numbers change, over time. And even though you know what number you want to get out on http://www.iconversationalhypnosis.com – say you want to get out on the 6th floor – and the doors open on the 3rd floor, and everyone moves out. What do you do? Of course, you move out with the rest of the crowd. And then suddenly your realise, “Hang on a second. This floor doesn’t look like my floor.” And you go back inside the lift. So what happened? Well, the lift created an experience, a cultural experience of trance. So that, when everyone else walked out of the lift, it represented a non-verbal suggestion to you to leave the lift as well. So you followed right along. So these are all examples of everyday, natural hypnosis. What are some other examples?

How To Tell If Your Subject Is Hypnotized

Sometimes when using covert hypnosis it is not all that easy to tell if your subject is hypnotized or not. Use these 7 signals next time and you will know for sure:

Trance Signal 1

Another subtle sign is a change in people’s blink reflex.

Now, what kind of changes are we looking for?

Both faster blinking and slower blinking is a good sign.

In fact sometimes people stop blinking altogether.

Don’t let that disturb you. It’s just a sign that their eyelids have become what’s called ‘cataleptic’. In other words, the muscles in the eyes have frozen for a moment in time.

It’s one of the signs that people are accessing a trance response.

Trance Signal 2

Another example of a trance feature to look out for is a change in the swallowing mechanism.

Typically, when someone first goes into a trance, they’ll begin to swallow more

And then, after a few minutes, their swallow reflex will slow down, sometimes
stopping altogether.

A classic ‘giveaway’, although one which will be less useful for you in Covert Hypnosis, is that their eyelids will begin to get heavy or fatigued, and close all the way down.

Now, that’s fine if you’re going for a formal induction, but I think you’ll find that in
most conversations, because people feel somehow embarrassed to close their eyes and fall asleep in front of other people, that their eyes will remain open even though they might find themselves getting a bit tired.

Trance Signal 3

Other signs of trance happening during a hypnotic conversation are immobility of movement.

When people stop moving, there’s a tendency they’ll be in trance.

So, if you meet someone who at first has a lot of hand gestures and mannerisms and head movements etc, and gradually those movements slow down, and then stop altogether, that is a sign that they’ve entered an altered state of mind – and are responding to you hypnotically.

Trance Signal 4

On a slightly similar lane, you can also have involuntary muscle twitches. Sometimes when someone goes into a trance, you’ll find like a facial tick beginning, or maybe their shoulder begins to twitch.

These are all signs that they’re relaxing, and their muscles are going through a sort of cathartic process.

Trance Signal 5

Other more subtle signs are changes in skin colour, or skin tone itself.

As people go into trance and relax more, the blood tends to flow more freely, so they will typically look a little darker, a little bit more colour in their hands and face.

Sometimes the opposite will occur. Sometimes they’ll become a little paler, as the blood withdraws from those areas.

Either way is fine. It’s just a physiological response, telling you that they’re going in to a trance.

Trance Signal 6

As a rule, people’s voices will also change as they go into trance.

Their voice will typically be slower. Their speech will be a little different in tonality.

Sometimes people will stop speaking altogether. And this relates to the final example of a trance response.

Trance Signal 7

This is what I call an increase in passive responses.

As a rule, as people go into a trance, they become less argumentative, more
agreeable, and really more passive, more willing to follow your lead.

Now, as you review this list of items, you’ll find that there are many more signals
that you can find yourself.

But this is really the core of your ‘Signal Recognition Systems’.

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