Learning hypnosis is like being on an elevator

Another example might be the elevator. Who hasn’t been in an elevator, kind of watching the numbers go up – which itself is kind of a strange thing if you think about it – just standing there, watching the numbers change, over time. And even though you know what number you want to get out on http://www.iconversationalhypnosis.com – say you want to get out on the 6th floor – and the doors open on the 3rd floor, and everyone moves out. What do you do? Of course, you move out with the rest of the crowd. And then suddenly your realise, “Hang on a second. This floor doesn’t look like my floor.” And you go back inside the lift. So what happened? Well, the lift created an experience, a cultural experience of trance. So that, when everyone else walked out of the lift, it represented a non-verbal suggestion to you to leave the lift as well. So you followed right along. So these are all examples of everyday, natural hypnosis. What are some other examples?