What is Search Engine Optimisation and why do we need it?

So what is search engine optimization? SEO is going and optimizing a site in a certain way to rank for a certain keyword. So of course if my keyword is blue widgets then this is the keyword I will optimize my site for.If you don’t want to do your SEO yourself then you can use a search engine optimisation agency such as Uptobyte.

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So we’re going to be installing plugins and putting content on the site. So the very first thing we need to do is go to plugins, search all in one seo pack, then click install.

Then go to the all in one seo plugin right here, and what we’re going to do is set the home title of the site. So we’re just going to make it panda training hq. See how I got the keyword panda training in there.

Then write the description. The best place for panda training to ever exist online… then we have keywords, google doesn’t really look at these but just put some in there anyway.

So this is how we optimize the site for this. Then scroll down and hit update.

So now if we look at the source of the page, and search description, this meta name right here is what google is going to look at. So google is going to say alright, the title of this page is panda training hq, and it’s the best place for panda training, this is obviously relevant to the search panda training.

Now what we want to do here guys is make this page as relevant as possible, so what I’m going to do is bring this box down and this is called the kitchen sink and it basically gives us all these interesting gizmos to work with.

So I’m going to go and grab the heading 1 font just by going here and clicking heading 1. So we put it in the big title font so google goes oh this page is obviously about panda training. Now what you want to do is write a 300-400 word article, and when you write it you want to get the main keyword in there 2-5 times, a 2% density so what does density mean, that means that if you took all the words out of your article 2 percent of the time the word is panda training alright.

When we take a page on the site we go to all in one seo pack and we actually set the
title of the page, description, keywords and the url is also set with our keyword.